Battling Performance Problems from Sex and Porn Addiction

Battling Performance Problems from Sex and Porn Addiction

The massive steps you’ve had to take to get to this point are no joke. First of all, you should be applauded for acknowledging your addiction to sex and/or porn and then doing something about it. So many people get too caught up in the pursuit of bigger and better orgasms that they forget what it was like to live a normal, healthy life.

As a result, performance problems spring up which do little more than drive a bigger wedge between the sufferer and their beloved partners. This snowball effect can be stopped, fortunately. Otherwise, we’d all have only one chance to get it right and that just doesn’t seem fair.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Post-Addiction Sex Performance?

All hope is not lost. At this stage of the game, most people want only to know one thing: “I’ve beaten sex addiction but how do I get my swag back now that it’s over with?”

What a great question that is, mostly because it addresses a common thread between men and women who struggle to combat compulsions towards perversion and erotica – majorly disruptive performance problems in the bedroom, including anxiety, low self-esteem, poor endurance, inability to reach orgasm, lack of intimacy, unrealistic expectations, and even straight-up erectile dysfunction. Learning how to improve your sex life after an addiction is the only way to recapture your mojo, but for many recovering addicts that’s easier said than done.

Excessive sex is often used to take the place of something that’s missing in an otherwise healthy person’s life – things like sexual satisfaction woes, unfulfilled fantasies, personal and/or professional acknowledgement, loneliness, self-esteem deficits, and insatiable curiosities.

Unchecked, those behaviors can become problematic and cause division in a person’s life, not to mention develop into a counterproductive obsession. Over time, that obsession can render unrealistic expectations that make enjoyment difficult and performance nearly impossible. The struggle is real, folks, but there’s a way to say “I still got it” when all of this is said and done and it doesn’t involve seeing a headshrinker.


Many times, the all-natural ingredients in male enhancement supplements end up helping men perform better in bed, which thereby increases pleasure and satisfaction for women (and other partners). Certain formulations can do things like increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in fatter, longer-lasting erections and increased pleasure sensations.

Sometimes, you can even get plant-based pills that boost your energy, support a virile libido, enhance semen production and promote better overall reproductive health. If you choose to use products like this, be sure to read the ingredients carefully, check for potential allergens and consult with your doctor for more personalized information.

NOTE: Legitimate MEPs usually require several weeks to become active in the body, so start taking them before you need them and maintain a healthy diet in the meantime to ensure maximum absorption.


Did you know that penis pumps were originally made to help men with erectile dysfunction? Did you also know that they can improve the quality of your sexual experiences just by being used for 5 to 10 minutes before intercourse, foreplay or masturbation?

Good pumps gently but swiftly bring precious blood flow to the surface of the shaft, making nerve endings stand on their heads to receive every touch in its entirety. When paired with a cock ring to capture that increased blood, erections and enjoyment are both significantly improved without the need for surgeries, prescription drugs or even the all-natural performance enhancing supplements mentioned above.

NOTE: Penis pumping should be done exactly as the manufacturer states and for no more than 30 minutes per session, so make sure your device is powerful enough to render noticeable results quickly.


Sexual performance problems may have more to do with your equipment, or lack thereof, than with your commitment. You can try everything under the sun, swallow a million pills, and pump your penis until your arm goes numb. Sometimes, what it takes is an exciting new sex toy to get the fire blazing again.

The market is full of amazing pleasure products for all walks of life, sexual orientations, interests and limitations. It’s almost impossible not to find something that makes your zipper tingle, especially if you start searching for a couple-friendly sex toy with easy to use features and toy-to-toy syncing technologies. Be sure to talk things over with your lover beforehand and, at least for now, try to stay away from products that use pornography as part of their primary functionality.

NOTE: Built-in artificial intelligence offers a less awkward experience with more realistic sensations most of the time, but it’s important to select something that can be used as a pair in some capacity as well.

Keeping Up the Good Work

You’ve made it this far, so why turn back now? Being a sexually balanced individual makes for a more sexually satisfied couple, which in turns creates better bonds, lasting relationships, and less frequent bouts of counterproductive addictions.

Keep up the good work by joining a local support group with like-minded people and/or couples. In the meantime, start taking better care of yourself, that way you can become a more attractive person to potential mates. Who knows? Maybe that will be what causes more excitement, anticipation and opportunities to come squirting into your life. Either way, it will definitely open the door to more fulfilling engagements – stopping post-addiction boredom and relapse right in is tracks.